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Livery Design

In motorsports, establishing a brand is a tough task. Logos, team colors, and livery are always on the top of the to-do list. We are here to help you realize your idea, update your current look, or create a new and outstanding livery design. 

Vinyl Wrap Installation

Speed, precision, and quality is what we strive for in our livery wrap installation. We understand that in motorsports, everything is moving at 200mph, on and off the track. Our goal is to make your vinyl wrap process a breeze.

Paint Protection Film Installation

Paint protection film on a race car? Yes! If you are like us, and absolutely love immaculate race cars, applying PPF is a must. We have designed special track kits that cover high impact areas. 



My name is Darius Trinka. As a kid, one of my favorite activities was to draw racing cars. That led to me getting behind the wheel, and falling in love with the sport. While competing in local club race series, I decided I no longer wanted to race a solid color car, and I got back to drawing...


Once my car finally had a custom livery, it began to generate some interest from my fellow competitors. Using the skills my dad had taught me, I started working with vinyl wrap, and creating livery designs. Rabidwraps LLC was born. Today, we get to work with top-class racing shops, track clubs, IMSA, and SRO teams - truly, a dream job. 

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